About Us

At Plain Mary, we focus on just one thing -the Kensington Baby Play Mat.  Taking inspiration from leaders in Design Thinking, we set out to build a play mat that is both functional and beautiful.  First, we tackled safety by focusing on the inner structure of the mat.  Our proprietary layering technique helps keep the mat flat on the floor, thus minimizing the risk of having fabric bunch up beneath the baby's face.  This important safety feature greatly reduces the hazard posed by a more pliable material.  Second, we zeroed in on functionality.  Why on earth do companies make play mats that cannot be machine washed?  Why do they all look so garish with their crazy wild colors and dangling toys? These questions baffled us, so we set out to find the perfect fabric that could double as a home decor accent, but also function at a high use level.  Your home may be beautiful, but the truth is, babies are quite messy. They drool, vomit and do all sorts of other unmentionables on an ongoing basis.  While our mats are indeed expensive, your investment will prove worthy for years to come.  Thanks to our design-grade fabric, our play mat is nearly indestructible, machine washable, highly stain-resistant and durable enough to be used daily from infancy to toddlerhood and still be passed along to the next generation.